(OBD Device + SPD)
Outright Purchase
RM 1,222

Monthly Payment Option

Advance payment:
• 2 months x RM 56 = RM 112
• Month 1 - 22 = RM 56 / month
• Month 23 - 24 = offset against advance payment
RM 56 / month
Per month/year
Inclusive of mobile app & web
RM 40 / 432
1 Telco (Telematics device), 3 Telcos roaming (SPD)
OBD Telematics device - plug into the car OBD socket
SPD - Hidden anywhere in the vehicle
SPD - Professional fit (RM)
RM 90
Type - 2G
Warranty - 2 years from date of first service activation
24/7 SOC service
Automatic collision response
In case of an accident above 2G force and if it is serious (ASI >1.0), the SOC will contact MERS 999 for emergency vehicles (police & ambulance) to the location as fast as possible. The SOC will also call the registered number and alerts are sent via email and app
Proactive theft Management
If the telematics device is sabotaged, the SOC will call the registered number for verification
Stolen vehicle recovery
In case of theft, call the SOC for stolen vehicle recovey
Smartphone App - FleetJet
View summary and status of all vehicles eg. driving, parked, idling, etc.
Online monitoring
Monitor all the vehicles on the map at the same time
Find vehicle & check status
Find & track vehicle in real-time and check ignition On/Off, vehicle battery, device battery, last data update
Vehicle group
Monitor group statistics and status. View group vehicles on the map at the same time
Summary of trips, mileage, max speed, utilization, driving score, etc.
View trips details - duration, distance, trip start and trip end
Fleet notification such as speed alert, idling, device sabotage, etc.
Fuel Usage
Estimated fuel consumption data
SOS phone button
Emergency, report theft (Control Room & SOC), customer service
Display and update user's account information
Google map
Google satellite map, hybrid map, traffic information
Web - ScienceJet Plus
Online monitoring
Monitor and track all vehicle fleets on the map in real-time
On-screen report
Select, view trip details, areas travelled
Online dashboard
View vehicle activities by month + summary
Dynamic dashboard
You can customise dashboard with different features eg. based on fuel usage, speeding, driving score events, etc.
Alert management dashboard
Dedicated dashboard to view all alerts, manage and process on line
Geofence control
Set geofence for an area to be notified when the vehicle enters or exits (push & email)
Driving score
Check how vehicle had been driven based on speeding, acceleration, harsh braking and cornering
Trip review
Review previous trips with events and driving score
Trip replay
Verify and view how trip was made by replaying trip
Trip statistics
Details, exceptions and usage in charts and graphs for easy analysis
Living area & Heat map
Use living area to find out the area that the vehicle had mostly travelled within a certain period
Accident reconstruction
Panoramic reconstruction 60s before and 1 Os after impact to ascertain the cause of the accident
Service & maintenance
Set service reminder for vehicle maintenance, insurance and road tax renewal, etc.
Journey report
Minute-by-minute to verify incidents, complaints
Extensive reports
Basic reports + scoring data + smart fuel + customised reports based on more than 300 parameters

All service fees are subject to 6% service tax. All features and descriptions are subject to change without prior notice. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions upon activation via email.

*Installation - Upon receipt of the product, please call our CSE customer service @ 03-5888 0000 to arrange for installation

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Cobra Bridge - OBD Device with SPD

  • Brand: CSE
  • Product Code: Cobra Bridge - OBD Device with SPD
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  • RM1,222.00