Retail price with 1 year service & installation included
Service fee month/year (without SST 6%)
Telematics device with M2M SIM
1 Telco
B1 Microtag for eCall & bCall ADR (Automatic driver recognition)
Driver ID tag (Anti-theft driver recognition)
Op 250
Safety (CSE eCall)
Automatic driver recognition (ADR)
Pair the Connex app with Microtag for ADR
Parked crash detection & alert
In case your parked car is crashed into (above 2G force), device will send alerts (SOC, Push, Email). SOC will call the registered number
B1 must be paired with Connex app
Automatic eCall > Crash Alert
In case of a crash of 2G force and above, device will automatically send alerts with precise location and crash severity. (SOC, Push, Email)
B1 must be paired with Connex app
If the crash severity is low, SOC will call actual driver if the app is paired with B1
If the crash severity is low, SOC will call registered number if the app is not paired with B1
If the crash severity is high, SOC will call MERS 999 for the nearest emergency vehicles to crash location
Manual eCall > Emergency Breakdown/Assistance
Press the Microtag (B1) SOS button. CSE SOC will call actual driver's smartphone. B1 must be paired with Connex app
VIP Assist - Enhanced roadside assistance
Unlimited towing
Unlimited towing from anywhere in Malaysia to customer preferred workshop in case of an accident or breakdown due to flood
Repair on site
Repair on site service e.g. replacing a flat tyre, battery jump start/replacement, out of fuel delivery
up to RM300 free labour charge
Accident transport allowance
In case of accident repair at authorised workshop, customer can claim for alternative transport reimbursement e.g. car rental
up to RM2,000/year
Security - by 24/7 Secure Operations Centre (SOC)
Stolen vehicle tracking
In case of theft, report car theft with SOC.
My Connex App
Device health check
Automatic daily health check to ensure device is working
Device battery low alert
If device battery is low, alerts are sent (Push, Email)
Crash alert
In case of a crash above 2G force, alerts are sent (SOC, Push, Email)
Accident reconstruction report
Ascertain cause of crash to verify claims
Smart alarm
Enable Smart alarm to secure your vehicle. In the event your vehicle is started or towed, alerts are sent (Push, Email).
Find my car
Check vehicle last parked location
Google map, satellite, street view, traffic information
Trip review
Check how your vehicle is being driven with driving score
View trip details - start & end, location/time, distance, mileage
Review route taken
Service & maintenance
Set service reminder in the app. When your vehicle is due for service, you will receive alerts (Push, Email)
Call button
Report theft, emergency services - MERS 999
Add cars
Multiple vehicle management
Add drivers
Add as many drivers for ADR and eCall service
Phone distraction alert (ON/Off)
Phone distraction - Microtag will beep 2 times if smartphone is used while driving
B1 must be paired with Connex app
Road speed limit alert - Microtag will beep each time if road speed limit is exceeded
B1 must be paired with Connex app
Fleet management via Web and Online monitoring app
Op 20/240
Science Jet Web
Online monitoring - monitor, track and respond to any event in real-time
Dynamic dashboard - customise the dashboard to manage alerts
Geofence control - set zone in/out alerts with speed and idling control (push & email)
Idling control - set idling alerts. If vehicle idles for XX minutes, receive alerts (push & email)
Speed control - set speed limit alerts. If vehicle speed exceeds the limit, receive alerts (push & email)
Living area and heat map - define and display the areas the vehicle had mostly travelled within a certain period
Fuel control - manage fuel consumption (fuel batch entry)
Driving score - check driver behavior based on speeding, acceleration, harsh braking and cornering
Trip statistics - details, exceptions & usage in charts and graphs for easy analysis
Service & maintenance
Accident reconstruction - panoramic reconstruction 60s before and 10s after impact to ascertain the cause of the accident
Reports - vehicle summary, trips, alerts, scoring, fuel and more than 300 parameters to choose from
DriveJet X App
Real-time tracking for your whole fleet
Online monitoring - search by group, vehicles, plate number
Check vehicle last parked location
Vehicle Status - ignition ON/OFF, vehicle battery, device battery
Statistics - trips, mileage, max speed, utilization, GPS fix, score
Map - Google satellite or street view, traffic condition
Fuel usage - total fuel used, wasted fuel
Commands - get position, ignore mode
Notifications - speed violation with trip details
Trip review - see all historical trips, check trip score, speeding info, driving style
SOS - Emergency call e.g. to report theft

Warranty - 2 years from the date of first activation

All features and descriptions are subject to change without prior notice. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions in the online registration section.

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